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Steady-Energy Services Inc. is currently enrolled in safety programs such as ComplyWorks and ISNetWorld.

With years of experience in the industry, we know the importance of TDG and follow all mandatory reporting requirements and procedures.

ComplyWorks subscribers many request an invite to view our company profile.

Management Leadership and Organizational Commitment

Senior management of STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC shall provide leadership for health and safety activities and assume overall responsibility for the Health and Safety Management System (HSMS). This responsibility includes:

  • Establishing, actively promoting and maintaining the HSMS;
  • Providing appropriate financial, human, and organizational resources (proper staffing, equipment, training materials and funds) to plan, implement, check, review and correct the HSMS; 
  • Defining roles, assigning responsibilities, establishing accountability and delegating authority to implement an effective HSMS;
  • Reviewing the STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC HSMS at planned intervals; and
  • Encouraging active participation on the part of workers and worker representatives in the establishment and maintenance of the HSMS.

Commitment Statement

The STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC Health and Safety Management System is driven by leadership and commitment from senior management and its readiness to provide resources.  STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC is committed to providing a productive, safe and healthy work environment for our workers, contractors, clients, customers and visitors.  Our commitments are communicated to all workers, contractors and suppliers and include:

  • To instil a corporate culture where harm to our staff through work is totally unacceptable;
  • To be proactive in assessing health and safety hazards for new business, new and existing work systems, practices and equipment;
  • To encourage team problem solving at all levels of STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC to implement work practices that continually improve health and safety standards and productivity;
  • To report and investigate incidents and implement systems and practices that prevent reoccurrence;
  • To ensure compliance with legal requirements and industry standards;
  • To train managers and workers to competently perform work described in safe work procedures;
  • To provide information to all workers, contractors and customers that inform them of health and safety issues relevant to STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC operations;
  • To ensure products and/or services are safe and without adverse environmental impact.
  • All management personnel and workers have responsibility for implementing this health and safety management system by striving to achieve a zero tolerance towards hazards, incidents and injuries.  
  • We will continuously improve health and safety management by setting objectives, plans and performance measures and regularly reviewing progress against the targets set.  
  • We will involve our staff in health and safety management through training and by contributing in identifying, assessing and controlling hazards. 
  • Our company’s commitment to address physical, psychological, and social well being. 

Health & Safety Policy

The management of STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC declares and commits to the prevention of injury and ill health of our workers and our guiding principles which include that health and safety shall never be compromised for our workers.  The following points summarize our corporate overall health and safety goals:

  • STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC management declares a commitment to health and safety.
  • STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC shall comply with applicable government regulations.
  • STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC shall comply with our own health and safety standards.
  • To have a healthy and safe place to work composed of individuals who choose to make safe decisions, follow requirements and contribute to the process of health and safety.
  • Our documented safety management system shall form the basis for all operations undertaken by STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC.
  • STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC will provide appropriate training in use of equipment, safe work practices and procedures and handling of hazardous materials.

Our overall health and safety objectives are:

  • Workers at all levels are responsible and accountable for STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC health and safety.  Active participation by everyone, every day, and in every job, is necessary for health and safety excellence and is the expectation at STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC for every work site.
  • All management, workers, contractors and visitors shall promptly report all work related near misses, injuries, diseases, incidents, unsafe acts and conditions and actively participate in our health and safety process and attend all required health and safety training.
  • Everyone shall follow safety rules, safe work policies and procedures and cooperate with STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC in working towards improved safety.
  • All managers will accept direct responsibility and accountability for all matters relating to health and safety for the workers and/or contractors they supervise directly and/or indirectly.
  • All supervisors and managers will deal promptly with worker and contractor health and safety concerns and will advise workers and/or contractors of actual and potential hazards that are known by the manager or supervisor.
  • All supervisors, managers and contractors will review any incident investigation and facilitate the corresponding corrective action plan.
  • All supervisors, managers and contractors will implement and enforce health and safety rules, regulations, policies, procedures and prescribed instructions in a fair and consistent manner.
  • Workers will be involved in writing or revising our health and safety policy.  Changes will be disseminated in the same manner.
  • We will ensure this policy is communicated to all workers and/or contractors under our control.  This policy is to be posted on all STEADY ENERGY SERVICES INC bulletin boards, reception areas, included in worker handbooks and discussed during new worker orientation.
  • Brent Hardy & Shane Hauff – Owners 
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